Companion care gives the elderly someone to talk to, who can also help with everyday tasks.

(min of 3 hours)

Companion Care Services and More in Coventry, Nuneaton, Bedworth

Companion care gives the elderly someone to talk to, who can also help with everyday tasks.

What does companion care helps with?

Everyday tasks, light housework, and to provide someone to talk to and to offer reassurance and a feeling of safety.

Who is it for?

This service is especially beneficial to older individuals.

  • Day time

  • We offer up to 24 hour care

What is companion care?

According to Age UK, almost a million older people in the UK go for more than a month without speaking to anyone. Companion care can provide a solution to that. Companion care provides companions (non-medical care givers) who help with everyday support and companionship for the elderly.

How can companion care help?

Whether you live across the road or across the country from your elderly relatives, companion care services can give you the peace of mind of knowing that there’s someone nearby to help them with their everyday needs and care.

Our companion care services are the ideal solution for elderly individuals who need light assistance and who would otherwise spend most of their day alone.

They are generally healthy individuals who would like to remain independent at home, but would like someone to talk to, to keep them company when doing things or to help with questions the may have.

Examples of areas where we can help:

  • Enjoying a chat over a cup of tea
  • Providing company while doing crafts or hobbies
  • Walking the dog
  • Shopping for food, clothes or other items
  • Playing cards, chess, draughts, etc
  • Going with you to collect your pension or visiting the bank

How much support will I need?

Everyone’s different, so the exact amount of support you’ll need will depend on your personal situation.

Because our companion care services are completely tailored to your needs, we support you in whatever way’s best for you and your carer: This may mean visiting you for a few hours each week, visiting you several times a day or providing help and support around the clock for a few days.

The first step is to contact us to talk about your needs, so that we can work with you to put together a plan for your care and support.