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Domestic assistants in Coventry, Nuneaton, Bedworth

Domestic assistants help with any routine cleaning and household activities that need doing.

What do domestic assistants help with?

General cleaning tasks that contribute to maintaining a comfortable, safe and hygienic home environment. These don’t need to specifically relate to personal or intimate care.

Who is it for?

All individuals.

  • Day time

  • We offer up to 24 hour support

What are domestic assistants?

Domestic assistants help with the routine cleaning and household activities that need to be done around your home.

How can domestic assistants help?

Domestic assistants can provide extra help and support when you’re unable to do things for yourself, whether that’s due to old age, illness or something else.

Examples of areas where we can help:

  • Preparing and serving meals
  • Washing up
  • Cleaning toilet and bathroom areas
  • Mopping/vacuuming floors
  • Dusting
  • Gardening

How much support will I need?

Everyone’s different, so the exact amount of support you’ll need will depend on your personal situation.

Because our domestic assistant services are completely tailored to your needs, we support you in whatever way’s best for you: This may mean visiting you for a few hours each week, visiting you several times a day, or providing help and support in the evening or at weekends.

The first step is to contact us to talk about your needs, so that we can work with you to put together a plan for your care and support.